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Seamless, Compliant, Secure

Our HRMS Software in Malaysia is a PDPA-certified platform that keeps
employee data secure with the highest standards of data security measures.

Seamless, Complaint, Secure

Secure and Fast

Hosted on best-in-class Amazon servers with built-in disaster recovery.

Seamless, Complaint, Secure

All-in-One Platform

An integrated space that offers access to streamlined HR workflows.

Seamless, Complaint, Secure

User-Friendly Interface

No more wasting time digging through endless options.

Seamless, Complaint, Secure

Top Notch Support

Nothing but a genuine commitment to help you get the most out of QuickHR.


Faster, More Accurate
Pay Runs

Our versatile Best payroll software in Malaysia offers a stress-free management experience where you can:

  • Manage payroll schedules and issue digital pay slips while on the go
  • Automatically syncs with attendance, leave, claims, and shift scheduling
  • Customisable payroll components to reflect your company’s policies
  • Caters to any payroll cycle and work arrangement
  • Regularly updated with the latest regulatory changes
HRMS Software Malaysia

Access Our Cloud-Based HRMS Software Across All Devices

View your itemised payslips on-the-go and get notified when your leaves or claims are approved with our complete 360 HR Software. Malaysia's First Mobile Application with HRMS Software.

Integrate HR &
Accounting Seamlessly

Save time and reduce errors with QuickHR’s best HR software in Malaysia integration with popular accounting software's QuickBooks and Xero. Automatically send data from QuickHR’s HR system to your favourite accounting software for easy fit into your workflow.

QuickHR HRMS software in Malaysia Integration with accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero

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SMEs & Enterprises

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Award Winning SaaS Cloud-based HR Software

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that You Can Trust

Gold Award 2023

HR VOTY Multiple Award Winner 2023

  • Best Applicant Tracking System,
  • Best HR Management System (SMB),
  • Best Payroll Software
  • Best Attendance Automation System
Silver Award 2022

HR VOTY Multiple Award Winner 2022

  • Best HRMS (Enterprise),
  • Best HRMS (SMB),
  • Best Attendance Automation
  • Best Applicant Tracking System
Silver Award 2019

HR VOTY Multiple Award Winner 2021

  • Best HRMS (Enterprise),
  • Best HRMS (SMB),
  • Best Attendance Automation,
  • Best Applicant Tracking System

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Discover our comprehensive HR software, meticulously crafted for
individuals, to elevate the human aspect within businesses of all sizes.