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Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)

Right people for right roles

Manage job postings, track applications, schedule interviews, and onboard new hires all in our Applicant Tracking Software!

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Applicant Tracking System (ATS) - Malaysia
  • Data-Driven Process
  • Digital Onboarding
  • Seamless Integration
  • Compliant
Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Software

Make a difference with every hire

Find the perfect match quickly and easily with customizable forms, automated sorting, and multi-platform reach.

Streamline your hiring and have the best talent who share your company vision.

Key Features about our Applicant Tracking System

Deliver positive
candidate experience

Job Posting and
Candidate Sourcing

  • Allow HR managers to post link to the job posting in QuickHR to other platforms, eg. Jobstreet ensuring maximum visibility to potential candidates.
  • Comprehensive database of resumes, allowing HR Managers to search and filter candidates based on specific criteria.
  • Enable recruiters to manage talent pools of potential candidates for future job openings.

Application Process

  • Offers customisable application forms that can be adapted to different job roles to collect relevant information.
  • Incorporate pre-screening tools such as screening questions, assessments, and skills tests into the application process to filter out unqualified candidates.
  • Automate the application workflow with predefined stages and actions, ensuring consistency in processing applications from submission to evaluation.

Elevate Hiring

  • Enable hiring managers to collaborate and provide feedback on candidate applications, facilitating informed decision-making throughout the hiring process.
  • Notify interviewers about scheduled interviews by providing questions to be asked, ensuring consistency in the interview process.
  • Set up interviewer emails and designate interviewers, streamlining communication and coordination for the interview process.
  • Overview of candidates specifying their preference for part-time or full-time positions, aiding in targeted recruitment strategies.

Effortless Recruitment

  • Consolidate all candidate information in one centralised database for easy access and organisation.
  • Effortlessly transfer successful candidates from the applicant tracking system to the employee database for onboarding.
  • Utilise visual tools to provide insights into the nationality breakdown of applicants, facilitating diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • Generate comprehensive reports containing details of multiple candidates at once, simplifying decision-making processes.

Our Pricing Plans

Plans Tailored to
your Business Needs


RM 3

per employee/ month

Simplify HR for Small to
Medium Businesses

  • Employee Database, Payroll, Leave, Claims
  • Report, Document Generator
  • Workflow
  • Mobile App (IOS & Android)

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RM 6

per employee/ month

Unleash HR Potential with
Performance Management
& Support

  • Everything included in Essential plan
  • Timesheet & Attendance Tracking
  • Inventory & Workflow
  • Mobile App (IOS & Android)

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RM 9

per employee/ month

Complete HRMS for Large Firms, Including Talent Management & Security.

  • Everything included in Growth plan
  • E-learning & Learning Management
  • Recruitment & Appraisal
  • Biometrics & Kiosk Machines

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ATS system

Why People Love Our Applicant Tracking System

Let’s build your dream team together

Our ATS Software is your hiring hero, helping you attract, engage, and onboard the best talent - all wrapped in a user-friendly platform.

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