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Claims Management Software

One Place for All Your Claims

Submit, review, approve, or clarify receipts instantly, all in one place. So you can keep everything organized, transparent, and within budget!

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Claims Management Singapore
  • Data-Driven Process
  • Digital Onboarding
  • Seamless Integration
  • Easy to Use

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Go digital for stress-free claims processing

Our E Claims Online Software helps you deliver fast, easy, and compliant claims processing.

Employees can simply log in, choose your policy-specific expense category, fill in the details, snap a receipt pic, and submit!

No paperwork hassles. Just a few clicks and you're done!

Key Features about our Claim Management

No more paper jams, just
smoother claims processing

Claim Submission
and Documentation

  • Employees easily submit eclaims through the online portal or mobile app.
  • Set useful perimeters to ensure reimbursements are kept safe and within budget.
  • Claims Management System offer options to adjust claim types by setting different parameters.
  • Set limit of employee claim amounts submitted per annum, per month, or per transaction.

Workflow Customisation
and Compliance

  • Approval workflows can be tailored based on organisational hierarchy and departmental structures.
  • Strict adherence to company policies and Malaysian labor laws.
  • Claims are automatically validated against predefined rules to prevent fraud and ensure compliance with the eclaims system.
  • Claims are routed to appropriate approvers, ensuring efficient processing.

Integration and
Financial Accuracy

  • Approved claims seamlessly integrate with the QuickHR payroll system.
  • Reimbursed amounts are accurately reflected in employee pay statements and financial records.
  • Multi-Currency Support: Supports claims in foreign currencies.
  • Automated conversion of foreign currency amounts to local currency using up-to-date exchange rates.

Visibility, Reporting,
and User Support

  • Provides real-time visibility into claim status and pending approvals.
  • Generates detailed reports on claim utilisation, reimbursement trends, and compliance metrics.
  • Continuous assistance and updates ensure optimal system usage and user satisfaction with the eClaim management system.

Our Pricing Plans

Plans Tailored to
your Business Needs


RM 3

per employee/ month

Simplify HR for Small to
Medium Businesses

  • Employee Database, Payroll, Leave, Claims
  • Report, Document Generator
  • Workflow
  • Mobile App (IOS & Android)

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RM 6

per employee/ month

Unleash HR Potential with
Performance Management
& Support

  • Everything included in Essential plan
  • Timesheet & Attendance Tracking
  • Inventory & Workflow
  • Mobile App (IOS & Android)

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RM 9

per employee/ month

Complete HRMS for Large Firms, Including Talent Management & Security.

  • Everything included in Growth plan
  • E-learning & Learning Management
  • Recruitment & Appraisal
  • Biometrics & Kiosk Machines

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Why People Love Our Claims Management Software

Let us make everything clear and manageable

Our Claims Software handles everything with accuracy and compliance, tailoring to your specific policy and practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What types of claims can be managed with QuickHR Claims Management Software?

    Our E Claims Online Software offers customizable claim options, empowering HR managers to configure claim types that align precisely with their organization's policies.

    We've recently updated our software with additional claim options for specific cases, ensuring accurate claims records and reimbursements.

  • Can HR managers set a limit for the number of claims an employee can submit?

    Our Claims Management Software features comprehensive claim proration where HR managers can define and adjust claim limits for both fiscal and calendar years - ensuring reimbursements remain compliant with budgetary constraints.

    Additionally, we’ve recently updated our system, allowing HR to manage claim limits for employees on probation, further enhancing financial control and streamlining expense management practices.

  • How do employee submit expense applications?

    Our claims software offers robust data management, allowing HR managers to access and analyze yearly claim reports on various parameters and designated budgets.

    These reports are readily downloadable, facilitating anytime, anywhere review and analysis.

Built For People, Made For Business

Experience fast, easy, and compliant claims processing at your fingertips.