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Performance Appraisal Software

Empower Your People to Thrive

Boost employee growth with a smooth, transparent, reliable, and fair evaluation process.

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Performance Appraisal Malaysia
  • Streamlined Evaluation
  • Growth Support
  • Efficient
  • Customisable Dashboards
Performance Appraisal Software

Set clear goals and track progress

Customize appraisals, schedule regular assessments, and get insights from all angles to keep them engaged and focused.

Facilitate collaborative evaluations where everyone can embrace teamwork and feel valued!

Key Features of Our Performance Appraisal System

Track, Analyze, Grow with
Data-Driven Insights


  • Intuitive tools for setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) tailored to individual roles and organisational objectives.
  • Continuous monitoring of employee performance against set KPIs in real-time, providing feedback and facilitating interventions for improvement.

Optimise Performance

  • Consolidate appraiser and appraisee's comments data collection for time and resource savings.
  • Flexible setup for creating and customizing appraisal questions/forms tailored to organizational needs.
  • Intuitive workflow design facilitating smooth navigation through the entire appraisal process, from initiation to completion.
  • Generate reports summarising appraisal results and performance feedback, providing valuable insights for development planning.

Appraisal Setup

  • Support and provide tools to consultants to facilitate the creation of appraisal forms, ensuring alignment with company objectives.
  • Flexibility to customise appraisal forms to meet the requirements and preferences of the company, allowing for tailored evaluation processes.
  • Easy and intuitive upload functionality for consultants to submit proposed forms, streamlining the appraisal setup process.​

& Secure

  • Save paper and securely store appraisal information digitally, reducing environmental impact.
  • Implement security measures to prevent data breaches and unauthorised access, safeguarding sensitive appraisal data.
  • Generate comprehensive reports instead of manually consolidating paper forms, saving time and reducing errors.

Our Pricing Plans

Plans Tailored to
your Business Needs


RM 3

per employee/ month

Simplify HR for Small to
Medium Businesses

  • Employee Database, Payroll, Leave, Claims
  • Report, Document Generator
  • Workflow
  • Mobile App (IOS & Android)

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RM 6

per employee/ month

Unleash HR Potential with
Performance Management
& Support

  • Everything included in Essential plan
  • Timesheet & Attendance Tracking
  • Inventory & Workflow
  • Mobile App (IOS & Android)

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RM 9

per employee/ month

Complete HRMS for Large Firms, Including Talent Management & Security.

  • Everything included in Growth plan
  • E-learning & Learning Management
  • Recruitment & Appraisal
  • Biometrics & Kiosk Machines

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ATS system

Why People Love Our Performance Appraisals Software

Cultivate Happier,
Stronger Teams

Our Performance Appraisals Software makes tracking employee goals and growth simple and insightful.

So you can tie individual performance to larger company wins!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why choose a customisable approach to appraisals?

    Our Employee Appraisal Software features customizable templates where you can input questionnaires, criteria, and goals that reflect to ever-evolving roles, goals, and company culture.

    This helps foster fair and relevant assessments, boost engagement, adapt to change, and get deeper performance insights.

  • How does the software facilitate data-driven HR decision-making?

    Our Performance Management System empowers data-driven HR decisions by streamlining the collection, analysis, and visualization of employee performance data.

    It centralizes feedback, tracks goal progress, and identifies trends across teams or individuals, guiding HR towards more objective and strategic decisions (promotions, training needs, compensation, and talent management).

  • Can QuickHR Performance Appraisals Software improve manager-employee relationships?

    By facilitating regular, two-way feedback, setting clear expectations, and promoting transparency, it empowers open communication and goal alignment, potentially leading to stronger manager-employee bonds.

    However, success depends on proper implementation with managers using it actively and with genuine care for employee development.

  • Does the software keeps old records of employees' appraisal results?

    Yes, Our Performance Evaluation Software retains historical employee data, including past appraisal results. This allows for tracking performance trends, identifying strengths and weaknesses over time, and informing future development opportunities.

Built For People, Made For Business

Advance employee success with our perceptive Appraisal
Software, built for staff, fit for industry.