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Time Attendance Software

Smarter Time Tracking for Modern Teams

Track employee hours with a simple tap, swipe, or scan on our Time and Attendance Software - synced instantly to your payroll, leave, and scheduling systems.

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Time attendance software
  • Data-Driven Process
  • Digital Onboarding
  • Seamless Integration
  • Easy to Use
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Simplify your workday, one click at a time

Let your team clock in from anywhere, on their phone, tablet, or biometric machines.

So you can experience seamless, real-time, accurate attendance tracking across remote and hybrid work setups.

It's the win-win you've been waiting for!

Key Features about our Time Attendance System

Unlock Precision in
Workforce Management

Customised Work Schedule and Staff Attendance

  • Set up rules tailored to your needs for calculating overtime. Specify thresholds for regular hours, overtime rates, and eligibility criteria.
  • Establish parameters like performance metrics or attendance records for monetary incentives.
  • Receive notifications for approaching OT thresholds or incentive milestones, allowing for proactive management and intervention.
  • Access up-to-date attendance and absenteeism information in real-time, enabling quick decision-making and analysis.

Automate & Incentivise with Our Payroll System

  • Automatically calculate OT hours based on your rules, ensuring accurate payments.
  • Create incentives based on performance, attendance, or achievements with specific parameters.
  • Monitor OT hours and incentives in real-time to understand employee work patterns.
  • Integrate with QuickHR’s payroll software for smooth transfer of OT and incentive data.


  • Enable employees to view their attendance records, clock-in/out times and total hours worked.
  • Enable employees to clock in and out remotely using their mobile devices, with GPS or geofencing capabilities to ensure authenticity and prevent time theft.
  • Allow employees to submit leave requests and managers to approve or reject them directly from the mobile app, facilitating timely communication and decision-making.


  • Seamlessly integrates with various biometric devices for real-time attendance data capture.
  • Ensures security and compliance with biometric data protection regulations.
  • Automates attendance tracking and integrates data with our HR software.
  • Provides instant visibility into employee attendance status, reducing manual errors.

Our Pricing Plans

Plans Tailored to
your Business Needs


RM 3

per employee/ month

Simplify HR for Small to
Medium Businesses

  • Employee Database, Payroll, Leave, Claims
  • Report, Document Generator
  • Workflow
  • Mobile App (IOS & Android)

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RM 6

per employee/ month

Unleash HR Potential with
Performance Management
& Support

  • Everything included in Essential plan
  • Timesheet & Attendance Tracking
  • Inventory & Workflow
  • Mobile App (IOS & Android)

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RM 9

per employee/ month

Complete HRMS for Large Firms, Including Talent Management & Security.

  • Everything included in Growth plan
  • E-learning & Learning Management
  • Recruitment & Appraisal
  • Biometrics & Kiosk Machines

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Why People Love Our Time Attendance Software

It's not just tracking,
it's about thriving

Our Time Attendance System is your helping hand in ensuring reliable and secure records of employee work hours.

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Track employee hours in real-time, anywhere, with our secure
attendance system, adaptable to various work arrangements.